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Chair: Linada Berryhill, M.Sc.

Physics Associate London Regional Cancer Program

Co-Chair: Malgorzata (Gosia) D’Souza, M.Sc.

Yudy Ascencion-Ybarra

Physics Associate Lakeridge Health Oshawa, ON

Philip Au, B.Sc.

Physics Assistant Odette Cancer Center/Sunnybrook Hospital Toronto, ON

Secretary: Homeira Mosalaei, M.Sc.

Physics Associate, QA Coordinator London Regional Cancer Program

 Tara Bailey, B.Sc.  

Physics Associates  CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg 

 Amanda Raimbault  

Juravinski Cancer Centre

Communication Officer: Fida Khan

Physics Associate Trillium Health Partners, the Credit Valley Hospital

 Eric Beaucham, M.Sc.  

Physics Associates  Northeast Cancer Centre, Sudbury

 Cathy Rose, B.ScH, MRT(T)  

Physics Technologist  The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Ottawa


Tammy Bridgelall, B.Sc.  

Physics Associate 
CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg

 Ronald Snelgrove, B.Sc.  

Physics Technician  Grand River Hospital, Kitchener

Michelle Ringuette, BHS

Medical Physicist Assistant Horizon Health Network, Saint John, NB

 Tracy Halsall   

Physics Technician  Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston 

 Vince Strgar  

BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver  Cancer Centre

Amritpal Singh, M.Sc.

Physics Associate Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Toronto, ON

 Sara Iradji, M.Sc.  

Physics Associate  Odette Cancer Center/Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto 

 Manuela Thompson, M.Sc.  

Physics Assistant  Central Alberta Cancer Centre, Red Deer

Kimberly Lawyer, M.Sc.

Physics Assistant BC Cancer, Centre for the North Prince George, BC

 Jeff Konieczny, M.Sc.  

Physics Associates  Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Center,   Sault Ste. Marie

 Peiying Zhao  

Physics Associate  Odette Cancer Center/Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto

Makan Farrokhkish, BA (Hons)

Physics Associate Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Toronto, ON

 Ryan McCabe, P.Eng.  

Physics Associate  Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre, Mississauga 

Christopher Peters, M.Sc.

Physics TechnicianCancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario , Kingston, ON 

Muhammad Hafeez, M.Sc.

Medical Physics Assistant Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre Thunder Bay, ON

Mark McDonald, Ph.D.

Physics Assistant Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre, St. John’s


Bernhard Norrlinger

Physics Associate, ManagerPrincess Margaret Cancer CentreToronto, ON

Chelsea Greenwald, B.Eng

Physics Assistant Saskatoon Cancer Centre Saskatoon, SK

 Matt Mulligan, B.Sc.  

Physics Associate  London Regional Cancer Program, London

Silvia Neuteboom, B.Sc. 

Physics Technologist  
Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center, Ottawa

Lorcel Ericka Venturina, M.Sc.

Medical Dosimetrist Southern Medical Oncology Centre Trinidad and Tobago

 Iram Munawar, M.Sc.  

Physics Associate Trillium Health Partners, the Credit Valley Hospital

 Anula Nico, M.Sc.  

Physics Associates Odette Cancer Center/Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto 

Michael Noel, B.Sc.  

Physics Associate  Cancer Care Manitoba, Western Manitoba Cancer Centre

Lisa Nie, M.Sc.  

Physics Associate-RSO designate  Juravinski Cancer Center, Hamilton