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Who are we?

A desire to form a national body for Canadian Physics Associates (or Physics assistants (PAs)) drove some of us to garner support from some of our colleagues to assist in writing a syllabus and have presented it to Canadian Organization of Physicists in Medicine (COMP). In 2009 COMP agreed to provide us a national resource to foster the beginnings of a national body for Canadian PAs. During the COMP meeting that year, we gathered and formed a community with the prospect of national and professional recognition. During the past 6 years we built a website, established a forum, conducted several surveys and the most important of all channeled our voice to COMP and the medical physics community. Many of us were encouraged by other’s professional advancements and sought after them.

For a summary of the results of the surveys click here.

From the start OMPAC was organized and managed by OMPAC volunteers. Membership is free to all Medical Physics associates, assistants, technician and all those in a related discipline.

Within the past 20 years, the role of PAs has changed drastically. Our duties certainly vary from center to center but there is no denying that PAs play a key role in the safe delivery of radiation treatment across Canada.  We are in close contact with Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP) and have their support from he start. From 2017 we have had one member in the Professional Affair Committee (PAC) of COMP and COMP’s Women Committee.

Recently we have been developing a training document which has been reviewed by PAC members.